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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

AutoDJ Locking out live stream

WHMsonic users, please know that if you have a corrupt MP3 file in your playlist, this will cause the AutoDJ to lock. If you start your encoder and continue to hear the AutoDJ take the steps below.

Step 1: Stop your encoder
Step 2: Advance to next song (AutoDJ controls)

Step 3. If the next song plays after 37 seconds, you can start your encoder and continue. If the next song does not play and the same song continues, take note of that song and remove (delete) if from your play list and continue with next step.

Step 4: (Only if the song did NOT advance).  Go to Playlist and delete the song using the Playlist manager.

Step 5. After deleting the song you need to stop your radio, restart the radio, and restart AutoDJ

Step 5. Start your encoder.

Your live stream should now work.

Many WHMsonic clients are switching to Centova because Centova handles these types of issues better.